Vacation in Puglia

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Ostuni, Puglia ITALY


Bounty of the seas

Puglia (Apulia) is considered one of the best gastronomic regions of Italy, with Puglian (Apulian) cucina povera or “peasant cuisine” forms the base of Puglian cuisine. Simple, fresh and local ingredients from Puglia’s fertile land and bountiful seas are minimally manipulated to let their flavours shine.

Puglian cuisine caters to every tastebud and preference; fresh fish and seafood from the seas surrounding the Puglia, succulent meat grilled to perfection on hot charcoal in the hill cities and towns in Puglia’s inland, freshly handmade pasta, delicious cheeses and vegetables and legumes cooked in every ways imaginable by the creative habitants of Puglia (Pugliese).


Puglia produces more olives and olive oil than any other Italian regions and it is used everywhere in Puglian cuisine, drizzled on top of ‘frise e pomodoro’ (dried bread and Puglian tomatoes) or octopus salad, in a jar of grilled zucchini and eggplant, as a base of delicious pasta sauces such as orecchiette from Bari con cime di rape (turnip greens), a typical vegetable consumed widely in Puglia.

During your stay at Masseria Bellavista in Ostuni, Puglia, you have the option to learn how to cook these delicious dishes with a local “Nonna,” and enjoy the fruit of your labour accompanied by the delicious Puglian wines made with typical Puglian grapes such as Primitivo or Negroamaro chosen by a certified Puglian sommelier.