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These Terms of Service for European and other Users (“Terms and Conditions”, or simply “Terms“) are a binding legal agreement (“Contract“) between you and Vacation in Puglia that govern your use of the websites, applications, and other offerings from Vacation in Puglia (“VIP Platform”). By using the VIP Platform you also implicitly accept our Privacy Policy.

When used in these Terms, “VIP,” “we,” “us,” or “our” refers to the Vacation in Puglia entity with whom you are contracting. When used in these Terms, “You“, “Guest/s“, “User” means the user using the Vacation In Puglia services and/or VIP Platform.

The VIP Platform offers an online venue that enables visitors to search for, book, or use services as “Guest”. Your “Hosts” (see section About US) offer accommodations (“Listings“), see Our Holiday Homes.

Once You find your ideal holiday rental, You must register via email/contact form, and must keep your account information accurate. In doing so You, and all other persons sharing the Listing, accept to become Guests.

As the provider of the VIP Platform, Vacation In Puglia does not own, control, offer or manage any Listings. Listings are managed by your Hosts. Your Hosts have a deep knowledge of both the Listing and the area you are visiting and are ready to answer and assist with any questions or issues you may have. To contact your Hosts click on the Contact Us page.

By booking via the VIP Platform you accept that your binding Contract is directly with the Host listed on your Quote. Vacation in Puglia is not a real estate broker, insurer or an organizer or retailer of travel packages under Directive (EU) 2015/2302.

Terms and Conditions

1. Our Objective

VIP’s objective is to create an info site where homes away from homes are listed so that you, the future Guests, can find your holiday/vacation home in Puglia that best will fit your style and needs. See your potential home description, photos, prices and availability. If you have any questions use the Contact us page to get in contact directly with your Hosts.

2. Searching and Booking on VIP Platform.

Following We outline the procedure that will allow You to rent your perfect holiday home in Puglia.

2.1 Searching.

You can search for Listings by using criteria like the travel dates, and number of guests. Search results are based on their relevance to your search and other criteria. Relevance considers factors like price, availability, Host requirements (e.g. minimum or maximum nights), and more.

2.2 Booking.

When you book a Listing, you are agreeing to pay all charges for your booking including the rental cost, applicable fees like cleaning, taxes and any other items identified during checkout (collectively, “Total”). You are also agreeing that you will pay a “Security Deposit” (See section 5).

When you receive the Booking confirmation, a Contract for a Reservation is formed directly between You and the Host. The Cancellation Policy (See section 6) and any other Rules, Policies, or requirements identified in these Terms, the Listing Booked, the Quote, or any other Additional Communication form the integral part of your Contract with the Host.

2.3 Quote.

Once you send your request for Booking your Host will send you a detailed Quote. The Quote will list the Listing, dates of occupation (Check-in and Check-Out), number of guests, costs and all other included services. Your Quote will also include certain included services depending on your stay (such as mid-stay change of lines and freshen up of the Booked Listing).

Please note that while Infants up to 3 (three) years of age stay for free. By law, you are still required to list them as occupants and they have to be listed in the Quote. In addition, if you require a regular sized bed for your infant, then he/she must be listed as an adult.

Your Quote will also list the Advance Payment required to complete the Reservation. Once your Host receives your Advance Payment your Reservation is confirmed, see Payment Schedule in section 3.

2.4 Reservation.

A Reservation is a limited license to enter, occupy and use the Listing during the dates specified in the Reservation. When You occupy the Listing You agree to do so in accordance with the Contract and with Italian and local laws.

The Host retains the right to re-enter the Listing during your stay when necessary and consistent with applicable laws. If You stay past checkout, the Host has the right to make You leave in a manner consistent with applicable laws, including but not limited to imposing reasonable overstay penalties. The Host retains the right to remove any penalties from your Security Deposit. You may not exceed the maximum number of allowed Guests as specified in the Quote.

2.5 Additional Services

Your Host may offer You some Additional Services, either for free or via an additional fee. Such fees may include a set-up cost for baby cot, or welcome gift for a special occasion or transport to the Airport. You are welcomed to discuss any needs with the Host during the Reservation process. They are the best suited to help You so that You have a great and worry free holiday. Also note that some of these Additional Services may be provided by third party and are not under the direct control nor supplied by your Hosts, example your Host organizing a driver to pick You up from the Airport.

2.6 Additional Communications

The Host and Guest may decide on the type of written communication more convenient to them. Such communications methods may include without being limited to E-mail, SMS, Instant messaging platforms, etc.

3. Payment Schedule and Receipts

Here you find the outline by which the payments have to be received for your Reservation

3.1 Advance Payment.

Once your Booking request is received by your Host, he/she will confirm the availability of the Listing and send you a detailed Quote. You are required to review the information contained the in the Quote, make sure it is correct and accept it in writing via email or other means listed on your Quote.

Your Quote will list the Advance Payment. Once You accept the Quote, you have 5 (five) days to send proof of payment. Your Reservation will only be confirmed when this proof of payment is received and the funds are in the possession of the Host as per agreed payment method.

3.2 Remainder of the Reservation

As a Guest, you have two options to pay for the remainder of the Reservation costs:

A) In cash the day of the Check-In. This option may not be available depending on the amount to be paid and as regulated by Italian and local laws. Your Host will advice you accordingly.

B) You can opt to pay the full amount of the Reservation by bank transfer or other means discussed and agreed with the Host. In such case proof of payment must be sent to the Host no later then 14 days prior to the Check-In date. Past this date, You will automatically be expected to pay in cash at check in.

3.3 Security Deposit and other services

During Check-In the Guest will pay in cash for the Security Deposit and any other Additional Services agreed with the Host during the Reservation process. Should the Guest request for these fees to be paid in other forms, the Guests will be the sole responsible of administrative and other processing fees that will be charged by banks, financial institutions or other parties managing the transactions.

3.4 Official Receipt

Upon Check-In, the Guest will receive a receipt. Both the Guest and the Host are required to sign the receipt. The Guest is expected to keep this receipt in the Listing property and give it to the Host at the end of the stay. The Host will use the receipt to do the necessary reporting to local authorities as required by law. In order to make the receipt, the Guest will show the Host a valid ID (some acceptable examples are passport, driver’s licence, government issued identity card, Guest’s tax number)

The Guest can request at any time during or after Check In for a copy of the receipt for their own needs. In order for the Receipt to have any validity, You need to provide your tax number.

If a Reservation is made by the Guests and subsequently paid by third party (example business travel), the Receipt must be made in the name of the third party and their tax number must be used. Please confirm with the third party paying for the Reservation on their requirements as only one Receipt will be issued.

4. Check-In, Check-Out, Guest/Host Interactions

4.1 Check-In

The Check In date is stated on the Quote. The Guest will have to agree for a Check In time directly with the Host. Note that each listing has minimum, not earlier then, Check In times. All Check Ins have to be completed by no later then 20:00 (8:00pm) local time. Check Ins outside of these times have to be arranged directly with the Host. The Host may charge a reasonable fee for late or early Check In.

During Check In the Host will show the Listing home and answer any questions the Guest may have. The Guest has 48 hours from Check In to list any pre-existing damages or issues noticed in the Listing.


Check-out times are between 8:00 (8:00 AM) and 11:00 (11:00 AM). The exact time you expect the Host to meet you for Check Out will have to be pre-arranged with the Host. Please allow enough time to meet your Host, do a tour of the Listing and complete the necessary procedures so that the Host can return you the Security Deposit.

Check-Out times outside the times listed above are possible but will have to be agreed beforehand. The Host may apply a reasonable fee for late or early Check-Out.

5. Security Deposit

Please note that Security Deposit requests are based on Listing’s features and/or the timing of a reservation. They are never requested based on anyone’s race, national origin, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, or age.

The amount, between €100 and €500, is set based on the Listing. You’ll be shown this amount before you make your reservation on the Quote.

Guests will only be charged if there are damages to the Listings or unpaid extra services supplied by the Host and not paid by the Guest. Depending on what was damaged, the amount the Host requests may or may not be the same as the Security Deposit.

Security Deposits will not be charged for general cleaning, ordinary wear and tear, and minor damages (i.e. an accidental breaking of a glass).

Non-physical damages like extra cleaning resulting from smoking inside and broken Rules (see Section 8.1) may incur extra costs to the Host and claimed as part of the Security Deposit.

5.1 How is Security Deposit withdrawal applied if there is an issue?

If there’s an issue during your stay, the Host will assess the damage. If the damage is small enough to be covered by the Security Deposit, the amount will be deducted from the Security Deposit and the remainder returned to the Guest during the Check-Out procedure.

Should the amount of the Security Deposit not cover the amount for the repairs, the Guest will be responsible to pay directly for the extra amount. The Host reserves the right to collect the amount from the Guest by whatever means allowed by law, including, but not limited to legal action. The Host will offer all help and assistance necessary for the Guest to claim the amount to be paid from their insurance company if they have travel or other insurance to cover for the damage caused to the property.

6. Cancellations, Travel Issues, Refunds and Booking Modifications.

While we are sure you will have an enjoyable and worry free experience in Puglia. We are also realistic and know that things may not always go as planned. Here is your rights in case things do not go as planned.

6.1. Cancellations, Travel Issues, and Refunds.

In general the Guest can Cancel a Reservation any time. Depending of when the Cancellation is made, the Guest may incur some fees that will be deducted from the amount paid.

A) The Guest Cancel a Reservation up to 30 days before Check-In: The Guest will receive the full amount paid up to that point minus the administration and other charges of the Financial Institution handling the transfer.

B) The Guest Cancels a Reservation between 30 and 15 days before the Check-In date: The Guest will receive 50% of the Advance Payment Amount minus the administration and other charges of the Financial Institution handling the transfer. If the Guest has, in the meantime, paid other amounts toward the total cost of the reservation, these amounts will be fully reimbursed once they are received by the Host in their account. Any administration and other charges of the Financial Institution handling the transfer will be deducted from the amount transferred back.

C) A Guest cancels the Reservation less then 15 days prior the Check In date but before Check-In: The guest will be responsible to pay the Advance Payment amount in full. If the Guest has, in the meantime, paid other amounts toward the total cost of the reservation, these amounts will be fully returned once they are received by the Host in their account. Any administration and other charges of the Financial Institution handling the transfer will be deducted from the amount transferred back.

D) A Guest cancels the Reservation after Check-In: Please note that, by law, no refunds can be issued after the Guest Checks In. Under some circumstances the Host may still issue a refund to the Guest. Should a refund be issued the Host will retain an amount to cover for the cleaning costs and other used services and any used nights. The used nights will be calculated at full listed price without considering the discounts applied during the Reservation process. Under no circumstances the Host can charge more then the Total price listed in the Quote. If a Security Deposit has been paid by the Guest, it will be handled separately as per Section 5.

E) Extenuating Circumstances: Should the Guest experience some unforeseeable circumstance that resulted in having to Cancel their Reservation, such as an accident, the Host may be able to issue a full refund, minus incurred actual costs and/or nights and services actually used, if the cancellation is done after Check-In. The Host may request proof of the Extenuating Circumstances before issuing the return. If a Security Deposit has been paid by the Guest, it will be handled separately as per Section 5.

F) Acts of God: In case the Guest or Host has to Cancel a Reservation due to acts independent of either the Host or Guest. Such occurrences include: unexpected country travel ban or restrictions, unexpected changes in the country of origin or destination travel requirements, unexpected declared emergencies or epidemics, military actions and other hostilities, natural disasters. The Host will refund the Guest the full amount paid up to that point, minus used nights and other services in case the event that resulted in a cancellation happens after Check-In. If a Security Deposit has been paid by the Guest, it will be handled separately as per Section 5. Please note that the Guest may still be responsible for some fees or other losses, example fees charged by their own financial institution or exchange rate differences between the Euro transferred by the Host and the amount in local currency they will receive.

G) Host cancelling the Reservation: The Host may be obliged to Cancel a Reservation due to some extenuating and unforeseeable circumstances. If such event should occur, the Guest will be fully refunded the amount received by the Host. If the Host has to cancel after Check-In, the Host will refund the amount paid by the Guest minus used Services and nights. For unused nights the amount will be calculated by taking the full amount of the Reservation minus extra services rendered, divided by the total number of nights and multiplied by the number of unused nights. If a Security Deposit has been paid by the Guest, it will be handled separately as per Section 5. Please note that the Guest may still be responsible for some fees or other losses, example fees charged by their own financial institution or exchange rate differences between the Euro transferred by the Host and the amount in local currency they will receive.

H) Host Cancelling a Reservation following an omission by the Guest or failure by the Guest to respect the Contract including any of these Terms and Conditions. The Guest will be required to leave the Listing immediately or as arranged with the Host. The Guest will not be entitled to any refunds for the Reservation and/or other services rendered and/or paid. If a Security Deposit has been paid by the Guest, it will be handled separately as per Section 5.

6.2 Reservation Modifications.

Hosts and Guests are responsible for any modifications they agree to make and agree to pay or deduct any additional amounts, fees or taxes between the original Reservation and the modified Reservation. There are NO additional administration fees to modify a Reservation.

7. Your Responsibilities.

You are responsible for your own acts and omissions and are also responsible for the acts and omissions of anyone you invite to join or provide access to any Listing. For example, this means:

A) You are responsible for leaving the Listing home (and related personal property) in the same condition it was in when you arrived,

B) You must act with integrity, treat others with respect and comply with applicable laws at all times.

C) If you are booking for an additional guest who is a minor or physically or mentally impaired, you must be legally authorized to act on behalf of the minor or impaired and you are solely responsible for the supervision of that person. Please note that most of our Listings are situated in historic buildings that may date back hundreds of years. Therefore they may not be suitable for persons with mobility limitations and/or younger children. Should you have not mentioned any special requirements you have during your Reservation procedure we will consider that you have reviewed the Listing and deemed it acceptable to be used by all Guests occupying the Listing. No refunds will be issued for Listings you judge unusable by you or other Guests sharing the Listing property.

8. General

8.1 Rules:

You must follow these rules and must not help or induce others to break or circumvent these rules. 

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated and respect the space you are occupying:
    • We offer smoking free environments, you may not smoke indoor in any of the Listings.
    • You may not bring animals indoor in any of the Listings.
    • The Listings are located in areas where Recycling facilities and laws are in effect. Your Host will explain how the Recycling and other refuse will be handled. All Guests and other persons invited by any Guests are expected to know and follow these directives. Failure to do so may incur extra costs to the Host and even fines and other disciplinary actions to the Guests by local authorities. The Host reserves the right to deduct from the Security Deposit the amount necessary to meet the requirements set by the local authorities should the Guest not dispose of all rubbish as per the recycling and disposal directives.
    • Be polite and respectful when you communicate or interact with others whether they are your Host and/or neighbours in the area you’ll be hosted.
    • Be mindful of the noise you make. Note that most of our Listings are situated in quiet areas with local neighbours. Please keep it quiet between 23:00 (11 PM) and 7:00 (7:00 AM) and during the rest period after lunch typically 13:00 (1:00 pm) and 16:30 (4:30 PM).
    • Do not lie, misrepresent something or someone, or pretend to be someone else.
    • The person that Reserved the listing is automatically responsible for the behaviour, conduct and any damages caused by all other Guests and other persons invited by any of the Guests sharing the Listing.
    • Do not organize or facilitate unauthorized parties or events. The Listing Reserved is intended to be used as a dwelling for the registered Guests. A limited number of people can be invited by the Guests for a limited amount of time and under no circumstances they are allowed to stay overnight. No large gatherings are allowed in any of the Listings. Please note that local laws may, from time to time, limit the maximum number of people that can be invited or share a residence. The Guests are responsible to know if any such rules are in effect and abide by them. Please enquire after your Host if if you have any questions.
    • The Host, the neighbours or any other person in the vicinity of the Listing may lodge a complain about any misbehaviour (real or perceived) of any Guests and their invitees during the Reservation period. Should the local authorities be involved, the Guests retain full responsibility of their actions and may be subject to pay fines and other disciplinary actions as described by local and Italian laws.
    • Do not discriminate against or harass others.
  • Do not scrape, hack, reverse engineer, compromise or impair the VIP Platform
    • Do not use bots, crawlers, scrapers or other automated means to access or collect data or other content from or otherwise interact with the VIP Platform. 
    • Do not hack, avoid, remove, impair, or otherwise attempt to circumvent any security or technological measure used to protect the VIP Platform or Content.
    • Do not decipher, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any of the software or hardware used to provide the VIP Platform.
    • Do not take any action that could damage or adversely affect the performance or proper functioning of the VIP Platform.
  • Only use the VIP Platform as authorized by these Terms or another agreement with us
    • Do not use the VIP Platform, our messaging tools, or personal information to send commercial messages.
    • Do not use the comment, review and other contact areas of the VIP Platform for purposes other then they are intended. Phishing, spamming, unsolicited services and/or product will not be tolerated and the comments, messages and reviews will be reported. Including the users handles, contacts, IP addresses, locations and all other information that was received or can be deducted from these attempts.
    • You may use VIP Platform solely as a Guest or Host to view and Book a Listing and other Services. 
    • All the content on the VIP Platform is shown under Copyright by the person entering it. You may not use or reproduce any part of it without prior written consent from the person entering the content or the VIP Platform administrator.
    • You may not use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works of, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, broadcast or otherwise exploit any Content accessed through the VIP Platform except if you have the written permission of the VIP Platform administrator.
    • Do not require or encourage Guests to open an account, leave a reviews, or otherwise interact, with a third party website, application or service before, during or after a reservation, unless authorized by the Host.
    • Do not book a Reservation unless you are actually using the Reservation.
    • Do not use, copy, display, mirror or frame the VIP Platform, any Content, any branding, or any page layout or design without our written consent.
  • Honor your legal obligations
    • Understand and follow the laws that apply to you, including privacy, data protection, and local laws.
    • If you provide us with someone else’s personal information, you:
      1. Must do so in compliance with applicable law,
      2. Must be authorized to do so,
      3. You authorize us to process that information under our Privacy Policy. 
    • Read and follow our Terms.
    • Do not use the name, logo, branding, or trademarks of Vacation In Puglia or others entities on the VIP Platform without permission.
    • Do not use or register any domain name, social media handle, hashtag, trade name, trademark, branding, logo or other source identifier that may be confused with the Vacation In Puglia branding.
    • Do not break any Italian, Provincial, Municipal and other laws in effect in the area that the Listing is situated.
    • Do not offer or solicit prostitution or participate in or facilitate human trafficking.

8.2 Reporting Violations.

If you believe that a person, Listing or content poses an imminent risk of harm to a person or property, you should immediately contact your Host. If you reported an issue to local authorities, your Host may request a copy of that report. Except as required by law, we are not obligated to take action in response to any report. 

8.3 Copyright Notifications.

If you believe that Content on the VIP Platform infringes copyrights, please notify us by using the Contact Us page.

8.4 Guest and Users Violations.

If you breach these Terms, our Policies, you violate applicable laws, regulations or third party rights, you have repeatedly received complaints or Vacation In Puglia otherwise becomes aware of or has received complaints about your performance or conduct, you have repeatedly cancelled confirmed Bookings , or such action is necessary to protect the personal safety or property of Vacation in Puglia, its Hosts, or third parties, Vacation In Puglia may unilaterally: 

  • suspend or limit your access to or use of the VIP Platform;
  • blacklist you, so that you may no longer contact, leave comments or otherwise interact with the VIP Platform;
  • cancel pending or confirmed Bookings and/or Reservations;

Where appropriate, you will be given notice of any intended measure by Vacation In Puglia and an opportunity to resolve the issue, unless such notification would prevent or impede the detection or prevention of fraud or other illegal activities, harm the legitimate interests of other persons or third parties, or contravene applicable laws. 

8.5 Legal Mandates.

Vacation In Puglia or their Hosts reserve the right to take any action reasonably necessary to comply with applicable laws, or the order or request of a court, law enforcement or any other government body.

8.6. Modification of these Terms

Vacation In Puglia may at its own discretion modify these Terms at any time unilaterally. All Booking, Reservations, and active Guests affected by these changes will be promptly advised of the changes and if and how these will affect their Booking and/or Reservations. Your Host will be available to discuss any issue that may arise from the changes that will be applied.

8.7. Resolving Complaints

Should a Guest have any complaints he/she can address them directly with the Host.

8.8. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Italian law. If you Book a Listing under the VIP Platform you implicitly agree that the rental agreement will be governed by Italian Laws and Regulations, and more precisely art. 1, comma 2 lett. c, della legge 9 dicembre 1998, n. 431. As well as local laws where the Listing is located.

8.9 Third-Party Services.

The VIP Platform may contain links to third-party websites, applications, services or resources that are subject to different terms and privacy practices. These links are provided for information purposes as it is believed that they may be of interest to some of the Users of the VIP Platform. VIP is not responsible or liable for any aspect of such Third-Party Services and links to such Third-Party Services are not an endorsement.

8.10 Google Terms.

Some translations on the VIP Platform are powered by Google. These are issued in good faith by Google and or VIP personnel. VIP and Google disclaims all warranties related to the translations, express or implied, including any warranties of accuracy, reliability, and any implied warranties for merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Some areas of the VIP Platform implement Google Maps/Earth mapping services, including Google Maps API(s). Your use of Google Maps/Earth is subject to the Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service.

8.11 Force Majeure.

VIP shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform resulting from causes outside its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, war, terrorism, riots, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, floods, accidents, epidemics or disease, strikes or shortages of transportation facilities, fuel, energy, labor or materials.

8.12 Emails and SMS.

You will receive administrative communications from Us using the email address or other contact information you provided on your contact forms. Enrolment in additional email subscription programs for the purpose of staying updated of new posts will not affect the frequency of these administrative emails, though you should expect to receive additional emails specific to the program(s) to which you have subscribed. You may also receive promotional emails from us. No fee is charged for these promotional emails, but third-party data rates could apply.

8.13 Contact Us.

If you have any questions about these Terms please contact us